About the Experience

Luxury Amazon River Cruise : navigating exclusively through the Amazon river, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Can you imagine about the experience of cruising through the dense rain forests of Amazon, all in the luxury of a cruise. No one dares to say it's an ordinary deal in life!!

While you bask in the luxury of the cruise, you will also set off for shore excursions in a skiff to visit  Kukama Native Community, Monkey Island,  Yagua native community.

Give a try on how to use pucuna  -  a traditional blowgun that the natives still use to hunt for their food.

Get an opportunity to plant a life in the heart of Amazon - Plant your own tree in the wilderness of Amazon!! Isn't that something you will cherish for ever in your memories!!

 You will make a short excursion to Indiana - a lovely village where you will see a colorful display of many rain forest products, fruits, vegetables, fish and spices, as well as many local people doing their daily shopping 

Visit a butterfly farm  located in San Rafael village, the Morphosapi Butterfly Sanctuary. This initiative is 100% owned and operated by the San Rafael community, promoting environmental education and the preservation of the sixteen different butterfly species that live there 

You will also visit Manatee Rescue Center, a very special kind of animal orphanage for Amazonian manatees. This is where the aquatics mammals and other endangered wildlife are rescued, rehabilitated and finally released into the wild

4 Days program starts on every Wednesday

5 Days program starts on every Saturday

How to reach : Closest airport is Iquitos, Peru (3 letter code : IQT)

Choose from 4 or 5 days package

4 Days / 3 Nights Package

Master Suite - US$ 2,699 Per Person (Published rate is US$ 3,150)

Presidential Suite - US$ 3,699 Per Person (Published rate is US$ 4,410)


3 nights/4 days stay in the cruise

All meals

Soft Drinks & Wine

Excursions as per itinerary

Personalized Assistance

Tour Guide

Normal Reserve Entry Fees

Extra for Presidential Suite:  Private guide, personalized excursions, private river skiff, room service (breakfast and/or hot beverages), premium brand alcoholic drinks and laundry


Air Tickets


Travel Insurance

Security Deposit

Any other expenses